• The Sanctified Life Bible Study Guide

Compiled by Merlin Beerman
Edited by V. C. Darmody

Is it possible to live a victorious life in Christ? The Bible says, Yes, it is! Not only is it possible, but God has prepared the way for us, given us clear instructions, and does not expect us to stumble along the pathway alone.

With this study guide, take an incredible journey through the Bible, along with The Sanctified Life. As you study, you will find the answers about sanctification: living a victorious life in Christ, through all temptations and hardships. Your victory is already promised!

Divided into 11 lessons. Questions are given, with Bible texts to read to find the answer, followed by a paragraph from The Sanctified Life to further expound on the answer. The full text of the book is incorporated, so the student does not need a separate copy of The Sanctified Life. There is also a detailed answer key.

This is an excellent book for your personal study, but is especially intended for use in studying together with a friend or in a group. Suggestions are given for effectively conducting group studies, and each book contains a certificate of completion that may be filled out by the group leader.

Paper, 80 pages.

1. What Is True Sanctification?
2. Daniel’s Example
3. Controlling the Appetites and Passions
4. The Fiery Furnace
5. Daniel in the Lion’s Den
6. Daniel’s Prayers
7. The Character of John
8. The Life and Ministry of John
9. John in Exile
10. Christian Character
11. Sanctification -- The Christian Privilege

The Sanctified Life Bible Study Guide

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