• Elephant in the Room

In this ground-breaking work Pastor Dustin Hall draws from his experience in teaching biblical sexuality to diverse audiences. Never before has an author woven together the inspiring truths of Bible prophecy, the gospel, and the beauty of biblical sexuality with such clarity.

In presenting seminars on biblical sexuality, Pastor Hall has noticed some pervasive themes, particularly with young people. His conversations with the youth led him to discover that these young people know what they are doing is wrong, and they need and want help. Also, they walk away from the church leadership feeling that there is no one in the church they can trust with the kind of conversation they need to have. Most alarmingly, because the church doesn't address the issues that surround biblical sexuality, these coming-of-age youth are beginning to rethink the validity of the church’s message as a whole. Because they cannot have a viable dialogue regarding their personal issues, church teaching is seemingly impractical and useless to them.

Thus, now more than ever the message that God is love and has a vested interest in them personally on every level must be presented with urgency. We live in a critical time, and people need to know that they have a God who loves them and a Savior who died for them and willingly forgives when asked, no matter what they’ve done. In authoring this book, Pastor Hall fills a void on a level that no one else has done so that we can not only be frank with our brothers and sisters but also show them the God who loves them.

Table of Contents:

  1. Sexy Beast
  2. The Problem with Purity
  3. The Sexy Beast and Sexual Babylon
  4. Out of Sexual Babylon
  5. Identity Crisis
  6. Vinication
  7. Salvation by Soul Mates
  8. Marriage and the “Equally Yoked” Question
  9. Pornography and the Destruction of Sex
  10. The Grand Illusion
  11. Why the Church Hates Single People
  12. Virginity and the Great Controversy
  13. Companion
  14. Hookups Are Breaking God’s Heart
  15. Why We Don’t Talk about It

Table of Contents

1—Sexy Beast
2—The Problem with Purity
3—The Sexy Beast and Sexual Babylon
4—Out of Sexual Babylon
5—Identity Crisis
7—Salvation by Soul Mates
8—Marriage and the “Equally Yoked” Question
9—Pornography and the Destruction of Sex
10—The Grand Illusion
11—Why the Church Hates Single People
12—Virginity and the Great Controversy
14—Hookups Are Breaking God’s Heart
15—Why We Don’t Talk about It - See more at: http://www.remnantpublications.com/default/index.php/the-elephant-in-the-room.html#full-desctription

Elephant in the Room

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