Anchors of Truth: Rise of the Antichrist

The Bible admonishes us to be wise, and much wisdom is needed to understand where we are, and what is taking place as the Antichrist power endeavours to deceive the world. Discover how the Antichrist is portrayed through symbols in Scripture. Watch as international evangelist Kenneth Cox reveals how this Antichrist power has risen, how it seeks to lead the world astray.

Little Horn od Daniel
The seventh chapter of Daniel gives eight points for identifying the Antichrist. You do not have to be in doubt as to whom it is talking about.

Rise of the Antichrist
John, in Revelation 13, picks up where Daniel leaves off and reveals what the Antichrist is doing in our present day.

Antichrist Partner
In the last days, the Antichrist joins partners with two others to form a confederation that will deceive the world.

King of the North
In Daniel 11, the king of the North is the same power as the Antichrist. He will move into the Middle East and begin to set up his kingdom.

Babylon-Mother of Harlots
The confederacy of the Dragon, Antichrist and the False Prophet, which makes up Babylon, will find itself in trouble and, with the coming of Christ, will come to its end.

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Anchors of Truth

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