Be energised by listening to the entire seven volumes of the Children’s Century Classics series on MP3 audio. Hear Noah passionately plea for souls to get on the ark before the coming flood. Listen to Jesus’ beckoned call. These readings bring to life classic stories from the Bible.

You can listen on so many more stories to invigorate your child’s walk with God. Follow the adventures of courageous heroes of faith. King David. Daniel. Peter. John. Discover the wonderful future that God has planned for our world—how you can be part of it!

Learn vital character-building principles—honesty, integrity, kindness, and generosity. Your favourite Bible characters—Noah, Esther, Paul, and many others—are your teachers. Other historical figures appeal to the hearts of listeners—Reformer Martin Luther, brothers John and Charles Wesley, Hiram Edson, among others—as they demonstrate faithfulness, surrender, and sacrifice. These role models inspire. Motivate your children to stand boldly for what’s right.

Most importantly, you will experience the amazing power and love of Jesus that shine through His miracles and ministry. Your child will be encouraged. Establish God’s love in your children’s hearts. God’s leading becomes evident to His children through these words.


Children need a sense of purpose and belonging. The best gift you can give them is the knowledge that God lovingly created them. God also has special plans for each one of their lives. That's exactly what children will discover in the Children's Century Classics.

Children Century Classics MP3 Audio

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